Our Team

[title_subtitle title=”Our Amazing Team” title_color=”#ffffff” title_size=”50″ subtitle=”Some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. We are a small, but mighty, team of three with over ten years of experience.” subtitle_color=”#ffffff” subtitle_size=”17″ with_separator=”yes” align=”center”]
[title_subtitle title=”Founding Partners” title_color=”#000000″ title_size=”36″ subtitle=”Swag roof party street art Vice yr. Vinyl ethical fap craft beer, tofu chillwave small batch +1 quinoa pickled YOLO pop-up brunch. ” subtitle_color=”#000000″ subtitle_size=”17″ with_separator=”yes” align=”center”]
[team_member image_url=”1044″ name=”Terry Richardson” role=”WordPress Designer”]Thundercats squid single-origin coffee YOLO selfies disrupt, master cleanse semiotics DIY aesthetic letterpres.[/team_member]
[team_member image_url=”1044″ name=”Alicia Thornton” role=”Pretty Face”]Fixie polaroid flannel tofu butcher. Squid Kickstarter Schlitz, Intelligentsia chambray before they sold out ethical.[/team_member]
[team_member image_url=”1044″ name=”Joshua Wilkinson” role=”WordPress Developer”]Sartorial hoodie cardigan hella, Cosby sweater iPhone beard semiotics Echo Park mustache blog VHS Wes.[/team_member]
[title_subtitle title=”The Team” title_color=”#000000″ title_size=”36″ subtitle_color=”#000000″ subtitle_size=”17″ with_separator=”yes” align=”center”]
[team_member image_url=”1044″ name=”Nicholas Warner” role=”WordPress Designer”][/team_member]
[team_member image_url=”1044″ name=”Jordana Turid” role=”Pretty Face”][/team_member]
[team_member image_url=”1044″ name=”Patricia Auzenne” role=”WordPress Developer”][/team_member]
[team_member image_url=”1044″ name=”Richard Ochoa” role=”WordPress Designer”][/team_member]
[team_member image_url=”1044″ name=”Marilyn Moore” role=”Support Manager”][/team_member]
[team_member image_url=”1044″ name=”Louis Borunda” role=”WordPress Developer”][/team_member]
[title_subtitle title=”Sell shippable or downloadable products, gain insights from the Store Reports, process payments and track orders.” title_color=”#a1a1a1″ title_size=”24″ subtitle_color=”#000000″ subtitle_size=”17″ with_separator=”no” align=”center”]
We do NOT deliver products from August 16 to September 5 Sorry for inconvenience.